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What time does the lot open and close?

Unless otherwise posted, our main gate at 225 Talleyrand Avenue and the Sideline Lot will open 5 hours before event state time. All gates will be open 4 hours before event start time. Our lots will close 2 hours after the end of the event. All customers must exit the Touchdown Lot at this time. RV customers in the First Down lot are able to stay in the lot until the following morning.

What can I bring into the stadium?

For Jacksonville Jaguars games, a list of prohibited items can be found at . For events other than Jaguars games, please refer to that events website.

What Tailgaters Parking activities are NOT allowed?

At Tailgaters Parking we encourage a safe, enjoyable tailgating experience. Any behaviors that impact the safety or experience of our customers are strongly discouraged. We ask that you and your guests refrain from throwing footballs, playing music or speaking though public address (PA) systems, using obscenities, burning open pit fires, setting off fireworks or incendiaries of any type, or soliciting donations of any kind. Golf Carts of any type are allowed only in the First Down or Extra Point RV lots. No Golf Carts of any type are allowing in the Touchdown Lot or any Tailgaters Parking automobile lots.

What Tailgaters Parking activities are allowed?

Other than the aforementioned prohibitions, we encourage our customers to come down early and enjoy a true tailgating experience at Tailgaters. Big BBQs, Satellite TV set-ups, bean bag games are all common sites in the Touchdown Lot. As long as your setup is safe, legal and contained within your allotted space or spaces and doesn’t break any of our ‘ground rules’, you are good to go!

Can I purchase parking at the gate?

Parking can be purchased at the gate for almost all Tailgaters events. The only exception is the Florida/Georgia game which usually sells out and must be reserved in advance.

Can I reserve group parking for individual events?

Absolutely! Barring a sold out event, any additional parking on event day will be available at the gate. Parking for individual events can be pre-purchased through our website Tickets can be printed out in advance from your home computer.

Can I leave my car in the lot overnight?

Yes. If you are planning to leave your vehicle, please inform a Tailgaters employee prior to closing. If you have left your vehicle at Tailgaters, you will have an opportunity to pick it up the next day. If the day after the event is a week-day our lot will be open from 9am-11am and 1pm – 3pm. If the next day is a Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday, we will have the lot open for one hour from 10am to 11am so that you may retrieve your vehicle. If you are unable to retrieve your vehicle during this time you can pick it up the following business day at 9am.

What is the deal with all the boxes in the lot?

These boxes belong to our season customers! If you decide to purchase a space at Tailgaters for the NFL season, you are welcome to bring a box or container to keep in your space. Containers should be secured with a lock as there will be customers parking in your space for non-NFL events. Customers are also strongly encouraged to remove their boxes at the close of the season and Tailgaters Parking cannot be responsible for any damage done to any private property left on site.

What are the dimensions of the parking spaces?

The dimensions for automobile lots (cars, suvs and small trucks) are 8.5’x18′. RVs are 18’x40′ and buses and limos are 15’x40′.

Are you the same as Tailgate Bar & Grill?

No! The Tailgate Bar & Grill is located around the corner at 441 Haines St. and is not affiliated with Tailgaters Parking.

Can I bring my RV or bus?

Absolutely! Our First Down lot at 401 Bryan St. can accommodate large buses and RV’s for any event. This lot sells out during Florida/Georgia so please be sure to reserve your space for this event in advance.

All RV customers are required to use a vertical exhaust stack when running their generator.  This ensures that noxious fumes are vented up and away from you and your neighbors. If an RV customer does not have or forgot their exhaust stack, Tailgaters Parking has a limited supply available for rent along with a deposit.  A non-refundable rental fee of $15.00 will be required per unit.  A $150.00 refundable deposit will also be required per unit

Do you allow dogs?

Dogs are not allowed in our Touchdown Lot for any event. For our RV customers with dogs, please remember to always keep your pets on a leash and clean up after they use the restroom!

Can I bring my daughters Girl Scout group for donations?

Unfortunately, we do not allow ANY solicitation on Tailgaters Parking property.

How do you set pricing?

We always try to price our parking competitively with other parking service companies in and around Everbank Field.

Do you offer rides to the stadium for handicap customers?

Yes! Rides are offered to and from the stadium on a first come, first serve basis, and may be scheduled in advance starting on the Monday before an event. This service is for handicap and mobility impaired customers only. The handicap customer may bring one (1) non-handicap rider. Please understand that we cannot guarantee recurring handicap rides and all rides must be scheduled on a per event basis.

What if someone is parked in my space?

We strive at Tailgaters to ensure that everyone parks in their assigned space, but accidents do happen from time to time. If you find a vehicle in your space upon arrival, please call our office at 904-353-1126 so that we can address the issue immediately. We will do everything in our power to either find the errant parker and correct the problem, or relocate our customer to a space of their choosing.

Do you have ATM’s?

Yes! We have an ATM located in our Touchback Shack pavilion.

FL/GA Game

What time do your lots open?

The RV lots open at 8am on Thursday prior to the Florida/Georgia game. If you would like to arrive earlier in the week, please call the office and they will be happy to assist you. The Touchdown and all other automobile lots will open at 8am on game day.

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